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Divided by Covid-19, United by us

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It’s been a really long time since we’ve all connected through, I’ve come up with this blog considering the situation since day one of Covid.

Here to let you people get an idea of how we’ve come through the pandemic.

Beginning with the time where people were still getting to know about what exactly coronavirus was. And lockdown took place, suddenly everyone was asked to lock themselves up in their homes.

Everyone was clueless until it started spreading like a catastrophe. It eventually spreaded everywhere, all around the world and people learnt to stick at home.

People’s homes became their workplace, classes, offices and much more. They started giving more time to their families and learnt much more, explored their inner version like never before.

Some of us had a really tough time getting through Covid, visiting hospitals, losing our loved ones, and many more stories (I will come up with a few in my next blog).

Countries used a variety of remote learning resources to support students’ learning while they were unable to go to school/classes : radio, television education and online instructional resources.

The lockdowns in response to COVID-19 have interrupted conventional schooling with nationwide school closures in most countries. While the educational community have made concerted efforts to maintain learning continuity during this period, children and students have had to rely more on their own resources to continue learning remotely through the Internet, television or radio. Teachers also had to adapt to new pedagogical concepts and modes of delivery of teaching, for which they may not have been trained. In particular, learners in the most marginalised groups, who don’t have access to digital learning resources or lack the resilience and engagement to learn on their own, are at risk of falling behind.

Despite the situation taking place, all of us were able to get through it and reach the solution. So let’s fight together and get through the situation of Covid-19, too.



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