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Directors Desk

On behalf of Yates Education, I appreciate the interest shown by you in our institute.

Yates Education established in the year 2009, with a clear aim of imparting global education like ACCA in India. I am very glad to see how we have grown over the past few years, from 10 students in, to over 200 students with excellent results and consistently high student satisfaction.

In the path to growth we became the first CBE centre in Ahmedabad in 2012. The status of being a Platinum Approved Learning Partner with ACCA (Platinum ALP) in the year of 2016 was a great milestone for us.

All this would not have been possible if we had strayed from our aim of imparting quality education. Over the years, we build our team and recruit experts in every field hence they have aided us in making our organization one of the most sought after in India for pursuing the ACCA qualification.

We realised the importance of creating awareness about the ACCA qualification in India. We have provided consistent contribution with regards to this as we undertook an ACCA awareness campaign across major cities in India.

We provide each and every one of our students with crucial job training. This completes not just their academic training but also provides them with extra confidence and ability to transition into the working environment.

We at Yates Education recognise the importance of a pro-active approach towards supporting students pursuing ACCA course. Our unique course structure and in-depth knowledge of ACCA work hand in hand.

Our mantra is to provide the most comfortable learning environment as well as not cutting short the number of sessions students deserve for a lengthy course. That is why we have decided to maximise the number of sessions provided to our students and we hold great belief that this student-centred approach is the best approach.

Bhoomi Ruparelia

Course Director

One of the founding members of YATES Education has a Bachelor’s degree (B.Com) in Commerce from Gujarat University and is having very strong personality and is having her own Insurance business based in Ahmedabad. She is also register member with Life Corporation of India and National Insurance Company Limited.

Bhoomi has very good managerial skills, which helps immensely in starting YATES Education with 1 student, which has grown to more than 500+ students now.

Harsha Sewani

Administration Head / Marketing Director

Harsha is one of the most cherished members of our team at Yates Education. She has proven her worth time and again since she first joined Yates Education 10 years ago. She holds a degree from HLCC of BCom and MCom. And has specialization in Digital Marketing.

Harsha delivers the correct type of ethics and skills to the table, which is expected of a model employee. What she lacks in experience she makes up in enthusiasm. She has been holding the position of marketing executive at Yates Education for over a year now and we can proudly say that she has managed to uphold her duty of promoting our institute. Her hobbies are reading and travelling.

CA Paurav Thakker

M.Com| FFA | FIPA | FCA | FCCA | CPA CGA | OBU-Mentor | Ph.D Scholar | MCISI

Senior Faculty

One of the founding members of YATES Education has a Master’s degree (M.Com) in commerce from Gujarat University and is practicing Chartered Accountant (FCA) in India. He is also a fellow member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) from London, UK; He holds Chartered Accountancy qualification of Four different countries namely India, UK, US, & Canada.

Paurav is an astute professional with varied experience in the taxation, accounts and finance segment and contributes to Yates Education its strong foundation and sustaining ability which enhances its market credibility and social responsibility.

Mr. Paurav is also pursuing his Doctoral qualification (PhD) in Accounting from Gujarat University. Additionally, he is also a senior lecturer in Gujarat University and other various Universities, with an experience of 15+ years as a lecturer.

Understanding the importance and advantages of Accounting Global qualification requires a broad knowledge of all educational backgrounds. Through many years of detailed work in the field of Accountancy Paurav has shown dedication to create successful Global Accountants.

Atit Thakker



Atit has a degree (B.Com) in commerce from Gujarat University and is also member of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) from London, UK. Apart from teaching ACCA at YATES Education Atit is working with Gujarat’s number one BPO Company as Deputy Manager based in Ahmedabad India.

Atit is a professional with varied experience in the accounts, audit and business management and contributes to YATES Education its strong foundation and sustaining ability which helps YATES students in pursuing their ACCA studies in better manner.


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