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Benefits of doing ACCA

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Today’s blog is about the advantages of studying ACCA qualification. ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a professional accountancy organization in the UK, and has over 200,000 members and 500,000 students worldwide.

Organizations look for accountancy professionals who can understand the financial needs of the organization and who can evaluate and propose business solutions. The ACCA Qualification is designed to equip its members with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for finding and evaluating business solutions. This increases the demand of ACCA members and improves their career prospects.

Advantages of studying ACCA

  • Become part of a professional accountancy body well-known for its high standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism and accountability
  • Freedom to work anywhere across the world
  • Greater career progression and opportunities to earn higher salary packages
  • Work in any factor of your choice such as financial services, business, public and the corporate world

With a qualification like this which has global recognition and appeal, the windows and doors for one’s future career progress are wide open. It is a commonly agreed norm among employers that a person who wishes to climb the ladder of success in finance and reach the highest ranks requires to have a professional qualification. ACCA gives you that edge and opens up that path for you. Obviously, whether you reach the top or not will depend on your talent and hard work but your qualification will always aid you in the process.

Not only is ACCA a great qualification to have under your belt, the benefits of being a member make it worthwhile for your personal and professional life. If your plan to work further afield, or build your career closer to home, being an ACCA member will help you get there.



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