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What is DipIFR

The Diploma in International Financial Reporting is one of the most respectable and appreciated qualification in IRFS all across.

IFRS are mandated in more than 100 countries worldwide. All listed companies in EU, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa have already adapted IFRS.

Many more countries around the world including India are moving towards IFRS. This will have a major impact on financial reporting.

The course is designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of International standards and concepts.

Cool Timeline

May 5

Course Structure

Who should attend?

Chartered Accountant

Finance Manager



May 5


Professional accountants and auditors working in practice and industry and qualified in national accounting standards are eligible to take the qualification.

Practitioners not yet qualified, but who can verify the following, are also eligible:

- Two years' relevant accounting experience and a relevant degree attracting at least ACCA F1-F4 exemption

- Two years ‘relevant accounting experience and an ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting

- Three years' relevant accounting experience

- ACCA affiliate status

May 5


3 to 6 months

Advantages of DIPIFR

Completed within 2 years

Flexible Examination structure

Practical approach

40% + worldwide passing rate

No entry barriers

Flexibility in Practical Experience Requirement