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Month: March 2020

Distance learning study tips by Paurav Thakker

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If you’re wondering how to succeed by distance learning, you should begin by being mentally prepared. Sincerely dedicate time to your lectures and ensure that you are consistent in attending classes. A virtual classroom is no less than a regular one and you must approach it the same way. Today’s blog is about a few tips you can follow on to. Time management Good time…

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How to succeed in ACCA exam by Paurav Thakker

How to succeed in ACCA exam by Paurav Thakker (FCA, FCCA, CPA, CGA and OBU Mentor)

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Paurav Thakker is a chartered accountant in four continents. He is an Indian chartered accountant and a senior member of ACCA, along with Canadian chartered accountant. ACCA exam Mr. Paurav has been teaching since the last 15 years and he has taught more than 1000 students out of which 400 are ACCA Affiliates and 100 are ACCA members. More than 20 India and World rankers….

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